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Rollback Violence Campaign: Introduction and Initiative

This publication is compiles textual presentation of Rollback Violence Campaign initiated by the DFHRI. The campaign was with a view of fostering cooperation, co-ordination, mutual respect and tolerance among all the people for making a collaborative effort to put an end to all sorts of violence; both structural and direct. The program was supported by Public Personalities such as Kul Chandra Gautam (Former Assistant General Secretary of the United Nations), C. K. Lal (Columnist-Political Analyst), Rajesh Hamal (Actor), Madan Krishna Shrestha & Haribamsa Acharya (Duo Actors), Aani Choying Dolma (Mantra Singer) and Amrit Gurung (Singer). This report captures the activities of the Campaign highlighting the various dynamics of violence and their adverse impact on bringing sustainable development in Nepal.

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