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Former Commissioners’ Society of National Human Rights Commission (FOCOS – NHRC) is a forum of former commissioners of the NHRC, Nepal who are actively engaged in defending human rights in one way or other even after the completion of their official terms of service. The FOCOS – NHRC has been established in 2014 to consolidate energy, expertise and experiences of the former commissioners and support the NHRC to strengthen its credibility and effectiveness. It functions as an independent constituent of broader Nepalese civil society. It is probably the first forum of its kind in the region if not in the world.

The FOCOS – NHRC plays the following roles:

  • Supporting the NHRC and other NHRIs by sharing experiences and expertise
  • Conducting policy advocacy in order to enhance autonomy, credibility and effectiveness of the NHRC and make it first among the NHRIs in the country
  • Observing human rights situation in the country and encouraging the NHRIsto take appropriate measures for getting all human rights of all people ensured

The FOCOS is supported by its secretariat, Democratic Freedom and Human Rights Institute (DFHRI). Considering the current situation, it aims to work in the following areas:

  • Strengthening effectiveness of the National Human Rights Institute
  • Supporting on-going transitional justice process