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NHRI’s Effectiveness

Nepal as a country can be considered a progressive nation in adopting human rights principles and practices at least on paper and is one of the few countries in the world endorsing more than 24 international conventions and treaties. In order to address various political aspirations of the different groups establishment of human rights institutions or commissions have been used as a tool. The establishment of Tharu commission, Janjati Commission, Madhesi commission, Muslim Commission and Inclusion commission can be taken as example. Though there are several commissions but their effectiveness remains a big question. The NHRC states that only 14% of its recommendations made to the government are implemented and rest are either ignored or put on hold. In order to promote the effectiveness of such institutions DFHRI has been actively engaged to address the issue.

In support of The Asia Foundation, DFHRI is currently implementing “An Initiative for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights” with the major objective of strengthening the national human rights protection system by increasing collaboration and coordination among the NHRIs. The project aims to increase cooperation between NHRIs and other stakeholders including parliamentary committees, civil society and media for better implementation of human rights provisions enshrined in the constitution as well as advocated for the implementation of NHRCs recommendation through parliamentarians.

DFHRI conducted a research to analyze the role of NHRC over the past ten year focusing on how the NHRC functioned over the past decade; and how NHRC’s past performance would impact the future of the commission within the changing context of the transition into peace and the ongoing process towards federalization. The study covered the political dynamics leading to the establishment of the NHRC, the commission’s mandate, its role, its achievements and challenges over the past decade, the perceptions and expectations of stakeholders and actors on NHRC’s role, the potential direction the commission could take given the emerging constitutional and federal contexts. The research also reviewed NHRC law in line with Paris Principle