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This term Accountability is widely used in the field of good governance as it refers to the answerability of a responsible person to his/her stakeholders. In this strategy DFHRI like to focus on the issues local government and make the local bodies more accountable and promote good governance. In this regard DFHRI has identified the several issues and areas of work.

TV Programme – Jawafdhita Kasko?

In keeping with the objective of ensuring accountability and transitional justice, DFHRI has produced a television programme titled, Jawaf Dhita Kasko, (Whose Accountability). The show was aired on Nepal Television which followed up on various cases of grave human rights violations (including cases of kidnappings, murders, disappearances, etc.) and attempts to discern the status of these cases to date.  These TV reports were done on a case-by-case basis, and have tackled numerous prominent cases from the Maina Sunwar case to the Gaur incident inquiry to the Uma Singh case.  By investigating the case and revealing what steps have been taken by relevant authorities, the programme was designed to pressure political actors and other relevant authorities to (re)examine the cases and bring the perpetrators to justice.  With this DFHRI seekewd  to challenge the pervasive impunity in the country and ascertain that the transitional justice process is in compliance with the highest international human rights standards. DFHRI has also published the book on same while compiling some of the cases of gross human rights violation related  to conflict era.

Radio Programme – Hamro Nepal, Ramro Nepal

In order to reach a wider audience with the message promoting communal harmony, non-violence and accountability, DFHRI successfully aired a five-episode radio programme titled “Hamro Nepal, Ramro Nepal”.  The programme which followed a talk show format aired across the country on Ujyalo FM from December 2009 to February 2010.