Conflict victims are the major stakeholders of any transitional justice process and in each step of the process, they have to be consulted well and taken into confidence for ownership of the process. DFHRI was advised to hold broader consultations with the victims living in different parts of the country and listen their collective concerns by some of the victim’s leaders, upon realizing a major gap of victim’s voices in ongoing transitional justice/peace process. Initially, the government had planned to hold nationwide consultation in September / October 2018 with the victims but due to political reasons it did not happen. So, to fill the vacuum and ensure victims in the center state, DFHRI held provincial level consultations in 4 places (Janakpur, Pokhara, Biratnagar, and Nepalgunj) covering the victims of all 7 provinces.


During consultation, current status of transitional justice process, importance of dealing with the past approach, ways and means of making the TJ process victims-centric, as well needs and expectations of the victims were discussed. As an outcome of the consultations, a victim’s charter was prepared collecting concerns of the victims that was publically disclosed on November 21, 2018 and subsequently submitted to the government, major political parties and other key stakeholders

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