To mark the 12th anniversary of historic Comprehensive Peace Deal which formally ended the decade-long armed struggle, a two days National conference of conflict victims on Transitional Justice was conducted on November 20 -21, 2018. The program was organized by Conflict Victim Common Platform (CVCP) supported by Swiss Embassy and facilitated by Democratic Freedom Human Rights Institute (DFHRI).The conference provided a platform for numerous stakeholders to share experiences and identify the most appropriate transitional justice mechanisms for addressing the process of justice. After decade of political oppression, the participants were eager to express their views on this subject—and already leading internal discussions and engaging in emerging initiatives related to transitional justice.

The participants included two victims representing from each district of Nepal, Hon. Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Mr. Bhanu Bhakta Dhakal as the chief guest for day 1, leaders of political parties representing both Nepali Congress Mr. Ramesh Lekhak   and Nepal Communist Party Mr. Haribol Gajurel, President of Nepal Bar Council, renowned human rights defenders and media.

The conference led to issuing of a 23- operative point charter of conflict victims stressing the participation of conflict victims themselves in the process of transitional justice and related mechanisms. The charter demanded the need and establishment of a reliable and transparent mechanism involving all the stakeholders that would help to create an environment of trust leading to process of transitional justice, further establishing a commission which is impartial, inclusive, participatory, gender-sensitive and independent with an objective to ensure long lasting peace and justice. Conflict victims have also sought for public apology from the state, former Maoist insurgents and leaders of major political parties for committing human rights violations during the conflict. The charter further necessitated that the two transitional justice mechanisms be restructured on the basis of the laws rewritten and amended with the consent of the conflict victims, ensuring long awaited justice to the conflict victims.

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