Post-Earthquake Field Monitoring conducted on 2 district

The former Commissioners of National Human Right Commission (NHRC), Mr. Gaurishankar Lal Das and Mr. Sushil Pyakurel along with the DFHRI team headed out to monitor the woes and weal of the earthquake victims of Sindhupalchowka and Kavrepalanchowk on 29th December, 2015. The plight of women, children, affected victims and senior citizens ,including death of the elderly is mounting due to severe cold in the quake affected areas. we held an interaction with representatives of NGOs,including women and media people in the districts we visited. Alongside the interaction we had an opportunity to visit the camps where the displaced population were trying to resettle their lives. General Situation: The amount received is not used or rarely used for the purpose it is meant for.Mostly ,it is used for diet and drinks. Lack of Secretary at every VDCs is a major challenge for distribution of relief, assessement and public records are not transparent. Genuine persons have not got the Identity Card,whereas undeserving ones have been obliged. Lack of ID card has resulted in lack of the monetary relief being provided. Uprooted from Chamrang village ,constantly being hit by big boulders from above the displaced population at Diko Dada, Panauti, however are an example of resilience post-earthquake. They have taken on lease about 15 Ropanies of land, engaged themselves in vegetable farming ,fishery and buffalo breeding.

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