In keeping with the objective of ensuring accountability and transitional justice, DFHRI produced a television programme titled, Jawaf Dehita Kasko, (Whose Accountability), with the objectives of ―highlighting the accountability on human rights violations/abuses and seeking solutions at the local and national level. The programme used to begin with the screening of 5-7 minutes long research-based documentary on the issue of HR violations including extrajudicial killing, enforced disappearance, torture, sexual violence and enforced displacement followed by discussion for next 22-24 minutes with victims, activists, legal experts, journalists, politicians, and lawmakers. The TV episodes were broadcast on a national TV, and the audio episodes were aired through Ujyalo F.M. (Kathmandu) with broadcasting networks in major cities outside of Kathmandu. The broadcasting of the TV episodes continued from 2010 to 2014.

By investigating the case and revealing what steps have been taken by relevant authorities, the programme was designed to pressure political actors and other relevant authorities to enact transitional justice Act and to establish TJ mechanisms in order to deal with the cases of human rights violations committed during the armed conflict and bring the perpetrators to justice.  With this programme, DFHRI sought to challenge the pervasive impunity in the country and ascertain that the transitional justice process was in compliance with the international human rights standards.

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