Democratic Freedom and Human Rights Institute

Democratic Freedom and Human Rights Institute (DFHRI) is an independent and not-for-profit making organization established in 2007 in Kathmandu Nepal. It has been registered at District Administration Office, Lalitpur and is affiliated with Social Welfare Council, Government of Nepal.


सत्य निरूपण तथा मेलमिलाप आयोग : राजनीतिक दलको सिफारिसमा हुने आयोगको पदाधिकारी अमान्य

6 February, 2020

द्वन्द्वपीडित साझा चौतारीले सत्य निरूपण तथा मेलमिलाप आयोग र बेपत्ता पारिएका व्यक्तिको छानबिन आयोगमा हुन लागेको पदाधिकारी सिफारिस रोक्नुपर्ने माग […]

National Conference of Conflict Victim on Transitional Justice

Provincial Level Consultation with Conflict Victims

Field Observation Report submitted to NRA

Field Monitoring: Phase II



A Decade of National Human Rights Commission in Protection of Human Rights

(2000 – 2010) by Sushil Pyakurel, Former Commissioner of the NHRC of Nepal This book published in 2011 analyzes the […]

26 February, 2019

National Human Rights Commission: Judicial Capacity and Recommendations

(2012) by Advocate Om Aryal This book reviews the NHRC’s judicial jurisdiction, capacity, existing legal ambiguities and complexities and ambiguities, […]

26 February, 2019

Rollback Violence Campaign: Introduction and Initiative

Civic Dialogue

Jurisdiction of the National Human Rights Commission in the New Constitution: Review and Recommendation



Accountability Watch Committee

AWC is a network of individuals and organizations’ working in human rights, law, accountability, and transitional justice and the DFHRI has undertaken the role of secretariat for Accountability Watch Committee (AWC). The aim of the AWC is to consolidate the efforts of various civil society actors to create a common strategic framework to effectively lobby for accountability and the promotion and protection of human rights. Founded in 2007, the network works specifically on the issues pertaining to impunity, accountability and rule of law in the national political agenda. In addition to providing a secretariat, DFHRI has also collaborated in organizing several multi-stakeholder dialogues with AWC to discuss, disseminate, and promote the ideas of justice and human rights.